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SAFOOD - former academic spin off of the University of Turin - offers innovative services in food safety and animal pathology. 

We develop advanced technologies to reveal food frauds in the whole production chain, in collaboration with the Department of Veterinary Science of our University.
Our team is composed of Veterinarians, Biologists and Biotechnologists of proven experience, constantly developing new methodologies to improve food safety services.

SAFOOD provides several accredited laboratory analyses to certify food regulatory compliance or to identify illegal animal treatments with growth promoters.

We are acknowledged as long-serving experts in the application of  histological tests to discover illegal animal treatments.
The team offers at the same time specialized services and innovative techniques (e.g. qPCR, biosensors, ELISAs), to identify frauds in animal feeds and live animals or meat residues.
Being a Company highly focused in research and development, Safood is the ideal partner for any event related to scientific dissemination, such as workshops, meetings, conferences and specialized trainings. 
Safood offers a comprehensive range of services covering all phases of an event, starting from location planning and website creation, up to the management of submissions and review process as well as the creation of the final proceedings.
You'll be able to focus on the strategic aspects of the event, leaving to us all the organizational aspects. With us, your event is in good hands!
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