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Safood developed cutting edge methodologies to detect the presence of growth promoters, both in meat and baby food products. 
Illicit treatment of animals
Thanks to our proprietary solutions exploiting a wide range of screening techniques  we are able to detect illicit substances in the animals, with a quick and economic service.
We can identify the substances either when the animal is alive and also after butchery, carryng out the analysis on the samples collected at the slaughterhouse.
Illicit treatment in Baby Food
Infants and children are especially sensitive to illicit substances dangerous for the health. This is because children are more exposed to chemicals, their organs are still developing, and their bodies are less able to detoxify. Because of this reason, specific norms have been promoted to strictly define limits and restrictions related to the use of given ingredients or polluting substances within these products. 
Our proprietary solutions allow to detect such substances in baby food. In more detail: hormones detection with biosensors; OGM detection and species identification with quantitative PCR.
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